Cockerel topiary frame

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Let the Cockerel topiary frame help you sculpt your boxwood, ivy or other garden plant into a whimsical rooster shape. The template is made of galvanized steel and wire and comes in two-easily clipped-together sections. Grow your plant through the template, or use it as a removable pruning guide.

Please note that the clasps are sometimes slightly distorted or squeezed together.
This is very easy to fix.
Simply use a pair of pliers to move them back into place.
We also recommend adding a piece of wire to reinforce the closure.
This is always easy to fix (it is not a defect) and would not in itself be grounds for a refund or exchange.

  • height : 42cm
  • Width : 40cm
  • Material : galvanised steel
  • Cockerel Topiary Frame

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