Clematis Spiral Sculpture support

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An elegant spiral plant support

This is a striking piece of mobile sculpture in its own right, but when combined with a growing plant, it brings to mind a flower-covered dancer's costume. The Jardins Animés® plant supports range is suitable for all manner of annual and perennial climbers and ramblers.

  • This product has two parts: one outer spiral and one 170cm aluminium stake
  • Exterior spiral diameter : 50 cm
  • Aluminium stake height : 170cm
  • Exclusive Design

An original Clematis plant support - How to

In order to create a perfect Spiral climbing frame for your plants, you will need :

  • a) One aluminium plant stake 1.70m
  • b) One exterior spiral
decorative spiral support
Step 1
Hook the exterior spiral into the top of the aluminium stake
decorative spiral support
Step 2
Pull downwards on the exterior spiral until it reaches the top of the pot and stays in place, it may help to stretch the first 5 spirals
decorative spiral support
Step 3
Plant up your pot as normal And there you have it, a unique plant support that will be the envy of all your friends!

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