Due to Brexit complications, we are very sorry to announce that we will be closing this site on the 31st of January 2020.
We look forward to seeing you on our stand at the Chelsea, Hampton Court and Tatton Park 2020 flower shows.

You can also find our products on our french website : www.jardins-animes.com.

Happy Spring Gardening !

The manager, Pierre Antoine Giraud

Spirals and plant stakes

Garden stakes

Our exclusive range of plant supports is suitable for all types of climbers, from clematis and orchids to tomatoes.

Create your own garden art with our versatile, decorative and practical and robust designs whilst helping your plants grow : combine rust free metal spirals, elegant springs and flower-shaped cane tops, and shape stakes and wires into unique floral sculptures to bring drama to your garden.

we are specialists in flower support, garden support, plant tomato or garden stakes.

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An elegant spiral plant support This is a striking piece of mobile sculpture in its own right, but when combined with a growing plant, it brings to mind a flower-covered dancer's costume. The Jardins Animés® plant supports range is suitable for al..
An ingenious drain pipe plant support Now you can support all your climbing plants with these steel frames which will fit round a downpipe or drainpipe. Two pieces, each 90cm high and 25cm wide will fit pipes or columns of up to 80/90cm. A quick..
This Expandable metal spiral is the quickest and easiest way to support plants climbing up a drain pipe or post. Choose the colour Size : 20cm diameter Colours : Galvernised silver or gold tinted This expandable spiral is a highl..
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The Plant stake- redefined! These inspiring, extra thick aluminium spiral plant supports will not rust and will always remain shiny, creating a fascinating focus inside or out. They are light and strong, and retain much less heat from the sun, m..