Due to Brexit complications, we are very sorry to announce that we will be closing this site on the 31st of January 2020.
We look forward to seeing you on our stand at the Chelsea, Hampton Court and Tatton Park 2020 flower shows.

You can also find our products on our french website : www.jardins-animes.com.

Happy Spring Gardening !

The manager, Pierre Antoine Giraud

Pest control

Replacement bag and sealant This kit includes a replacement bag and sealant for your existing traps. The kit will fit any sized trap The disposable capture bag must be replaced every season. To do this, start by removing all remaining residues a..
A slug-proof raised bed -1m2 Slugs are the curse of many a gardener's life, but you can keep them at bay with our slug-proof raised bed. This specially designed raised bed has a protective barrier to prevent slugs and snails from climbing u..
Oak and pine processionary moth caterpillar eco-trap There are some insect pests you do not want in your garden... and then there are some that you really do not want: like the oak and pine processionary moth caterpillars. In Europe these dist..
This trap is sold without pheromones, do not forget to purchase them seperatly. A moth pheromone trap This trap can be used to detect the presence of processionary caterpillars and limit infestations. Sex pheromones are produced by the fe..
This pheromone capsule is sold whithout the trap, do not forget to purchase it seperatly. How does the pheromone trap work ? This pheromone capsule, thaumetopoea pityocampa, attracts male moths and captures them in the trap preventing them from..