Cottonwood leaf - Copper Iridescent

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Cottonwood leaf - Copper Iridescent

A tree leaf… frozen in a bath of copper, silver or gold allowing you to continue to admire nature's work at your leisure.

This leaf comes from a poplar tree, that can grow up to 20-25m.

A genuine piece of jewelry, source of wonder and inspiration.

Each piece of the collection is unique and has been through an incredibly delicate transformation which takes 7 hours.

Jewel or decoration, an amazing gift

Delivered in an organza pouch (a rigid fabric similar to muslin), the leaf is attached to a delicate iridescent Japanese ribbon.

These leaves can be used as a table decoration, suspended to a door handle, as a bookmark...

7 hours of delicate processing

Source of infinite attention, here are a few steps in a long and painstaking process to create these jewel leaves :

  • A scrupulous selection, keeping only the finest leaf specimens.
  • The leaf is then dried using a unique method to avoid contamination with the precious metals.
  • The watermark process is a painstaking method accomplished by rubbing a solution on both sides of the leaves, highlighting the veins.
  • The main veins are then hand-painted with a fine brush dipped in a copper solution.
  • The leaves are then submerged in a molten copper dip, and allowed to dry.
  • Finally, a precious metal plating, 24 carat gold, silver or copper is applied to each leaf.

  • Variable sizes. Height of about 5 to 6cm.
  • To be kept indoors

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