Chestnut Planter with Trellis - Rounded

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Chestnut wooden planter with Trellis - Made in France

  • Moisture and drought resistant
  • Resists sun fading
  • Chestnut wood - will not rot
  • Finish : 2 coats of colourless satin stain

The Chestnut Trellis is perfectly adapted to the planter and will resist high winds.

The diamond shaped trellis (10cm) is perfectly suited for all climbing plants. The slats are screwed, ensuring strength and durability.

The trellis and planter are delivered unassembled. Simply slip the feet of the trellis into the planter tray rails.

Easy and solid assembly

The large capacity planter (100cm x 40cm x 45cm (height) is ideal for all types of plants, shrubs, vegetables...

Two holes in the bottom of the planter prevent water stagnation and root rot.

  • Treillis dimensions : height : 156cm (feet included) x length : 100cm x depth : 2.5cm
  • Planter dimensions : length : 100cm x depth : 40cm x total height : with trellis : 175cm
  • Made in France - french wood stain

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