Large handmade red ceramic poppy - diam.10cm

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Unique Handmade ceramic poppies

Simply plant these beautiful ceramic decorative poppies amongst a flower bed. The 100cm stem allows the poppies to gently wave around in the wind. The perfect garden ceramic decoration !

Handmade, each flower is unique

To avoid any delivery issues, the item comes in two separate parts. Glue not included :

  1. Place the poppy head upside down on a flat surface
  2. Fill the hole now facing up with a clear liquid glue
  3. Place the stake in the hole and hold in position for 4-5 minutes

Creating a decorative poppy

Ceramic artist since 1980, Bernard D. creates terra sigillata poppies (technique using only the finest clay particules).

The technique:
When the clay is dry, a first firing at 1200 ° C makes pieces solid and waterproof.
Enamels (glazing silica) are then applied using a brush.
The pieces are then subjected to a second firing at 1200 ° C in order to vitrify the glaze.

The clay comes from deposits close to the workshop, located in Lorraine (France).

  • Colour : red
  • Made in France
  • Size of flower: approx. 10 cm in diameter
  • Stem height of about 100cm

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