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Hand made bird feeder - white

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Hand crafted wooden bird feeder

Hand crafted bird feeder

Providing birds with extra food will attract them and will give you a chance to observe wild birds at a closer distance. Feeding birds is also a great opportunity to teach kids about nature and wildlife.

Perfect for feeding the birds during the winter, this wooden bird feeder will protect food from the weather.

This feeder is suitable for a wide variety of birds such as wrens, finches, sparrows, robins ...
Hand crafted in Bavaria from locally sourced wood, this magnificent bird feeder is quite a feature !


Birds will be able to land and take off safely, thanks to the large platform at the front of the feeder.

Add an original touch to your garden with this hand-made and hand painted bird feeder.

Long lasting, made from solid wood, the ridge is also covered with a metal band.

All elements are assembled using screws, no harmful glue is used.

Installing the bird feeder

The feeder is delivered with a 1.30m green wooden pole, allowing birds to feed while being out of reach of cats and other predators.

Simply plant the pole in the ground with a mallet, then easily insert the feeder in the slot.

Make sure that no obstacles are present on the flight path.
Point the opening to the south or southeast (away from from rain and wind).

Feeding birds

Birds feed primarily on seeds, fruit and insects.
We recommend sunflower seeds, particularly appreciated by a large number of birds.

You can also add porridge oats (uncooked), breadcrumbs, soft fruit...

Raise the roof and pour the seeds in to the feeder.

Birds can take several days to locate the feeder.
Once the first birds begin to feed, regularly replenish the feeder.

Do not protect the wood with any chemical paints, it would be harmful to the birds.

Please note that there may be slight variations in shape, size or colour.

  • Original Vogelvilla bird feeder
  • Made in Germany
  • Height : 45cm
  • Width : 23cm
  • Pole : 1m30
  • Platform : 10cm x 6.5cm
  • Hand crafted from untreated solid wood

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