Garden architecture

Garden Wall Arch Made from solid steel, this half-arch supports all types of climbing plants (roses, wisteria...). Perfect for creating a sheltered path along the side of the house. Items included : 2 straight elements 100cm, 1 curved elemen..
Pagoda Arch This elegant high quality arch is sure to add height and structure to your garden. Strongly built, this arch supports all types of climbing plants (roses, wisteria...). A modular and expandable garden arch. Based on straig..
Garden Arch Passageway An outdoor passageway leaning against a wall. Create a unique sheltered path along your house. This original structure optimises space by giving support to roses, honeysuckle... Made from solid steel (8mm in diameter)..
Arch balustrades Set of two balustrades to be assembled with the Pagoda arch. Enhance your steel structure (arch, tunnel...) by adding these beautiful wrought iron scroll work balustrades     Width : 150cm x height : 80c..