Garden Gazebo 5 legs

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Garden Gazebo

This elegant high quality gazebo is sure to add height and structure to your garden.

Strongly built, this garden gazebo can be used to support all types of climbing plants (roses, wisteria...).

The coppery brown epoxy paint is extremely durable and discreet making the gazebo easy to fit in.

Easy assembly

This french manufactured gazebo is easy to assemble by combining the straight and curved solid steel elements.

The elements are bolted together in the center with metal brackets and only takes 15 minutes.

garden gazebo anchoring

Anchoring the Gazebo to the ground

You will need 4 pegs per foot or 20 for the Gazebo

  1. Once the gazebo is assembled, place it in the desired location
  2. Locate the holes on each leg (4 on each leg)
  3. Dig a small pit 20cm x 20cm under each hole
  4. Prepare the mortar (available from any DIY store) and pour into the pits
  5. Place the pegs into the holes so that the stems are immersed in the mortar

  • Dimensions : 242cm x h. 220cm x 242cm
  • Easy assembly with supplied screws
  • Inner surface : 220cm x 220cm - h.203cm
  • Distance between legs : approx. 110cm
  • Solid 8mm Steel
  • Epoxy coated
  • Made in France

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