Solid steel Arch Passageway

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Garden Arch Passageway

An outdoor passageway leaning against a wall.

Create a unique sheltered path along your house.
This original structure optimises space by giving support to roses, honeysuckle...

Made from solid steel (8mm in diameter) this half-arch can support any type of climbing plant. 

Items included :

  • 6 straight elements 100cm
  • 2 curved elements
  • 6 Connecting bars
  • Screws.

As an option, it is possible to order additional straight elements to change the height and depth of the half-arches.
It also possible to add connecting extra bars to assemble the half-arches together.

  • Dimensions : width: 270cm x depth : 204cm x height : 220cm
  • Easy assembly with supplied screws
  • Solid 8mm Epoxy coated Steel
  • Made in France

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